About Appmobi

The Experts in Mobile and IoT Security

Early on in our 10-year history, we built one of the first commercially available hybrid app development SDKs, and some of the easiest to implement mobile cloud services in 
the industry. After selling the SDK to Intel, we worked with hundreds of thousands of developers and repeatedly saw 
that Mobile and IoT  was a real challenge for development teams, and an even bigger concern for IT management.

Appmobi’s decade-long experience with application development uniquely positioned us to build a set of mobile services focused on securing mobile applications without requiring secure development skills or additional development time. Security Kit is focused on securing newly developed apps at the code level from the start – making secure development as easy on developers as adding a plugin. Protection Center offers IT management a cure to concerns, providing easily implemented mobile application activity monitoring, threat detection, and threat remediation in a single easy-to-use solution that complements any existing EMM solutions currently in place.