Security Kit - Mobile SDK

End-to-End Encryption for any application - Native or Hybrid - new or existing. The Appmobi Security Kit Mobile Security SDK enables the most secure apps available on the market today. Find out how to decrease cost, development time, and build the most secure apps available using our Mobile Security SDK - Security Kit.


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About the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform

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Secure Mobile Platform

With the Appmobi Security Mobile Platform there is not longer a reason to be releasing or supporting insecure apps. You can use our services from the beginning of a build, with existing MADP platforms, or integrate them into existing apps – making your apps secure in minutes, not months. Find out how to decrease cost, development time, and build the most secure apps available using our Mobile Security as a Service (MSaaS) solution.
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Security Kit

Secure apps in minutes, not months. Configurable encryption, authentication and encrypted data stores all from one platform.

Secure Live Update

Securely update your apps with one click, in real time, without submitting to app stores or forcing new installs.

Secure Push

Send Secure Push Message notifications cross-device to all your apps.

Secure Analytics

It’s your company’s data, we keep it secure and provide business-critical insights about your apps in real-time.

Secure Data Store

Encrypted data storage on user devices and the server with optional data sync.

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